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Lone Star Bar & Grill

Established in 1985, Lone Star Bar & Grill has been a stalwart landmark on the Seven Mile Beach corridor. As one of Cayman’s biggest sports bars, there isn’t a bad seat in the house for watching all your favourite teams from the NFL, NHL, NBA, NCAA, UFC, and more. Serving lunch and dinner daily, our full menu is more than bar bites. From burgers, sandwiches, and BBQ classics; the “Over the Border Sizzlin’ Fajitas” are a no-brainer! With nightly specials – there’s always a good crowd at Lone Star.

Housemade salsa & tortilla chips

Cheesy queso mixed with seasoned ground beef with fresh tortilla chips

Crispy coated pickle spears with spicy ranch dipping sauce

Stuffed with cheddar jack, jalapeños, bacon bits, scallions with sour cream

Served with carrots & celery sticks, blue cheese or ranch dressing

Crispy fried with housemade roasted tomato salsa

Grilled jalapeños stuffed with double cheese potatoes & wrapped in hickory smoked bacon

Boneless crispy chicken bites tossed in buffalo sauce with blue cheese, carrots & celery sticks

Double layered & stacked with cheddar jack, black olives, jalapeños, red onions, scallions topped with sour cream, tomato salsa & guacamole

Crispy fried cauliflower bits tossed in spicy buffalo sauce, served with our housemade ranch dressing

Housemade fritters with chili lime mayo

Seasoned crispy fries, cheddar jack, beef gravy, pickled jalapeños, diced tomatoes & scallions topped with smoked sour cream

Served with sweet sauteed peppers & onions, cheddar jack, scallions, sour cream & roasted tomato salsa

6 chicken poppers, 3 mozzarella sticks, 2 loaded potato skins, 6 fried pickles, 3 jalapeño grasshoppers & fries

Beef patties, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles & onion

Pulled pork, BBQ sauce, coleslaw & pickles

Served with butter toast

Mixed greens, grilled chicken, smoky bacon bits, avocado, egg, red onion & cranberries with housemade ranch

Mixed greens, crispy tortilla chips, grilled chicken, avocado, sweet corn, diced tomato & red onion, honey lime dressing

Mixed greens, seasoned steak, sweet corn, diced tomato, red onion, cucumbers, sweet pepper with a blue cheese dressing

Crisp lettuce, smokey bacon bits, parmesan & croutons with our housemade caesar dressing

Mixed greens, carrot, onion, diced tomato, cucumbers & house vinaigrette

1/2 lb beef patty, lettuce, tomato, pickle & onion

1/2 lb beef patty with sauteéed mushrooms, smoked mozzarella, frizzled onions, lettuce, tomato & pickles

1/2 lb beef patty loaded with pulled pork, Jack Daniel's BBQ sauce, pepper jack, lettuce, tomato, onion & pickles

1/2 lb beef patty, spicy jerk sauce, sauteéed onions, sweet peppers, lettuce, tomato, pickles & mayo

Grilled & seasoned or jerk chicken breast, avocado, bacon, smoked mozzarella, lettuce, tomato, onion & mayo

Vegetarian grilled patty, avocado, lettuce, tomato, pickles & onion

Substitute fries for La Casa Salad, Caesar Salad, Sweet Potato Fries, Mashed Potato or Potato Salad for $2.99; Cucumber Salad, Mac & Cheese or Sautéed Vegetables for $3.99.

Deep rubbed & smoked pork ribs generously glazed with our housemade BBQ sauce, seasoned crispy fries, coleslaw, baked beans & corn bread

Seasoned crispy fries, cole slaw, baked beans & corn bread

Deep rubbed & roasted, seasoned crispy fries, coleslaw, baked beans & corn bread

Deep rubbed & roasted, seasoned crispy fries, coleslaw, baked beans & corn bread

Deep rubbed & smoked, seasoned crispy fries, coleslaw, baked beans & corn bread

Deep rubbed & smoked, seasoned crispy fries, coleslaw, baked beans & cornbread

Seasoned crispy fries, coleslaw, baked beans & corn bread

Mashed potatoes & sautéed vegetables

Smoked & grilled, herb steamed rice, sauteéed vegetables with zesty lemon garlic butter

Crispy fried beer battered mahi mahi filet , seasoned crispy fries, coleslaw & island tartar sauce

Potato salad, cucumber salad & sauteéed vegetables with mango salsa

Served with our seasonal crispy fries. Substitute La Casa Salad, Caesar Salad, Sweet Potato Fries, Mashed Potato or Potato Salad: $2.99; Add fried egg, cheese or bacon: $1.99.

Grilled chicken, hickory smoked bacon, pepper jack, chili lime mayo, guacamole, letuce & tomato

Smoked pulled pork, Lone Star BBQ sauce topped with coleslaw & pickles

Breaded chicken breast tossed in spicy buffalo sauce, cheddar cheese & housemade ranch dressing

Island tartar sauce, tomato, pickles & onion

Grilled jerk chicken, smoked mozzarella, mango salsa, jerk mayo, lettuce & tomato

Hand cut, smothered in Lone Star BBQ sauce, topped with frizzled onions & dill pickle slices

3 per order served on soft white flour, tortillas with roasted tomato salsa. Add extra taco for $3.99.

Crispy whitefish, coleslaw, island tartar sauce & scallions

Firecracker shrimp, spicy peanut sauce, cheddar jack, shredded lettuce, diced tomato, mango salsa & guacamole

El Jimador Tequila, sweet 'n' sour mix, lime juice, orange juice, triple sec, Corona beer

El Jimador Tequila, triple sec, sweet 'n' sour mix, lime juice

Appleton Rum, fruit punch

Smirnoff Vodka, peach schnapps, triple sec, lime juice & soda water

Appleton Rum, lime juice & your choice of flavour: mango, passionfruit, raspberry, strawberry or lime

Gordon's Gin, egg white, simple syrup, lemon juice & club soda

Appleton Rum, lime juice & ginger beer

Jack Daniel's, Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, lime juice, pineapple juice

El Jimador Tequila, grenadine & OJ

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